• A Geography Teacher Explores The Indus River

    Fearghal O'Nuallain is an Irish Geography Teacher based in London. In April 2017 he will set out on a daring journey along the Indus river. His journey will begin on the Tibetan plateau and pass through the Himalayan foothills of Kashmir and Northern Pakistan, and the deserts of Southern Pakistan, finishing on the shores of the Arabian Sea.


    Fearghal believes that in this digital era Exploration is needed more than ever. The physical geography of the earth has been precisely surveyed and we can now view the world in detail from satellite imagery. But blank spaces still remain in our minds, in how we view the world and our relationship with it. There are still deserts of understanding to be crossed and mountains of misunderstanding to be conquered. The cultural and environmental terrain is poorly mapped. This expedition will use an adventure to shine a light on a river and the people and places along its banks.


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  • Source to Sea

    The Indus has it all; ancient civilisation, water scarcity, water management, damming, habitat loss, and tension between three states with nuclear capabilities. It's all there, along a river that starts as a trickle high in Tibet, builds to a torrent as it flows down from the Himalaya into Kashmir and meanders its way through the plains and deserts of southern Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

    3 Countries Many Landscapes

    The Indus rises at 5,000m on the Tibetan plateau, flows 3,000km through the Himalaya into Pakistan and meets the Arabian Sea.


    One of the earliest urban civilisations grew up in the Indus Valley and water management was at its heart.  read more...


    "A growing rivalry between India, Pakistan and China over the region’s great rivers may be threatening South Asia’s peace" read more...

    Water Scarcity & Management

    "Pakistan’s largest city is struggling to deliver water to residents amid a shortfall and claims of state mismanagement" ​read more...

    Ecological Decline

    "Coastal mangrove ecosystems in Pakistan have been seriously degraded over the last 50 years" read more...


  • 3,000km from Tibet to the Arabian Sea.



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  • Indus Trail is the third installment of The Water Diaries project which uses Adventure to educate and inform people about water issues.



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    Informing, Educating, Entertaining

    Education is about more than motivating students to pass tests, it is about inspiring lasting curiosity and developing skills to discover potential. Creative storytelling is at the heart of this project. Fearghal is working with the Emmy Award winning team at Passion Planet to ensure that the stories are told in a compelling way to a wide audience.


    Adventurous Tales

    In Autumn Fearghal will be touring with an audio visual experience of his journey along the world's most interesting river. Fearghal will share his Adventure and the exciting Geography of the Indus and the life lessons and philosophies gleaned from over a decade of adventurous travel. Fearghal has shared his enthusiasm for adventurous approaches and perspectives to life and learning with business, school and theater audiences from 10 to 1,000 in London and around the world.


    Real world case studies

    OCR are the education partners for the Indus Trail expedition and will provide curriculum focused resources and activities that save teachers time and ensure students maximise learning. Partnership is not limited to OCR schools, and resources will be suitable for all specifications.



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